Partnership Links

  • WHO: Sneinton and St Ann's EIP-EPIC (Sneinton and St Ann's Primary / Secondary and academy schools)

    CPD opportunities, Funding, Bids.
    School linking projects, Procurement, Sharing of resources.
    Raising attainment and families and community sub groups, Sporting opportunities.

  • WHO: Nottingham Academy, Emmanuel and Secondary academy and feed schools

    WHAT FOR: 
    CPD Opportunities. Teacher Expertise. School linking projects. Transition programme KS2-KS3.
    Sharing of resources. Moderation of assessments and standards.
    Dealing with local issues/challenges – i.e. admissions, attendance, social care.
  • WHO: Transform Teacher School Alliance – lead school

    WHAT FOR: 
    Part of development of new teaching school focusing on the big 6 (Cohort 2). 45 schools involved (members).
    Developing ITT modules with Nottingham University to deliver school direct. Access to all workshops/CPD. School to school improvement programmes – ITP, OTP etc.
    Leadership committee and governance. ITP/OTP.
  • WHO: Challenge Partners - George Spencer Teaching School Alliance

    WHAT FOR: 
    National network of schools with recognised areas of excellence.
    Senior leaders have complete School Review training and participated in a review.
    External moderation of school self evaluation.

  • WHO: Church School Partnership

    WHAT FOR: 
    Collaborative agreement between 3 Church of England Primaries under one Executive Head.
    Strategy / Partnership meetings.
  • WHO: Transform Trust – lead school for a multi academy trust

    WHAT FOR: Current two schools in the Trust – lead partner.

  • WHO: CIMIST - Wider opportunities programme

    WHAT FOR: 
    Gifted and talented Music programme.
    Learning instruments – Year 4 children.
  • WHO: Nottingham LA services / Nottingham Learning Trust

    WHAT FOR: 
    Numeracy / Literacy consultants for CPD.
    Staff training courses delivered – Early Years etc.
    Behaviour Support Team/Family Intervention Project/Youth Offending Team.
    Nottingham Tram project. Moderation. Eco schools liaison with Eco-schools Co-ordinator.

  • WHO: DARE project

    WHAT FOR: Drug awareness project.

    WHAT FOR: Raising awareness of child protection and bullying issues.
  • WHO: Great Project

    WHAT FOR: 
    Challenging domestic violence.
    Encourage good and informed choices.
  • WHO: Creative Artists

    WHAT FOR: 
    Enrichment activities – developing creative teaching and learning practices.
    Artsmark award.

  • WHO: Capital One

    WHAT FOR: 
    Reading Volunteers.
    Fundraising help.
    Team Challenge.
    IT mentors.
  • WHO: Bio Source Science

    WHAT FOR: 
    Football kit sponsorship.
    Off site visits.
  • WHO: Boots

    WHAT FOR: Sneinton Parent group fundraising donations.

  • WHO: New College Nottingham

    WHAT FOR: 
    Reading Delivering Family learning courses.
    Student placements.
  • WHO: Nottingham Trent University

    WHAT FOR: 
    PGCE / Bed Students.
    Reading Volunteers.
    Raising aspirations days.
  • WHO: Bishop Grottesque University

    WHAT FOR: Student placements (EAL).
  • WHO: Nottingham University

    WHAT FOR: 
    Developing new teacher training programme modules.
    School Direct.
    Visits/raising Aspirations.

  • WHO: Victoria Leisure Centre

    WHAT FOR: 
    Leisure facilities for pupils and families.
    Swimming lessons held.
    Providing Staff CPD.
    Support with fund raising.
  • WHO: Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery

    WHAT FOR: Enrichment – Visits / Workshops.
  • WHO: Nottingham Forest Football Club

    WHAT FOR: 
    Homework and out of school learning opportunities.
    'Megaread' project / visits.
    Raising aspirations programmes.
    Support with fundraising.
  • WHO: Library

    WHAT FOR: 
    Library visits.
    Homework club facilities.

  • WHO: Nottingham Castle

    WHAT FOR: Enrichment – history topic work.
  • WHO: Local Residents Group - Police / Wardens

    WHAT FOR: 
    Community engagement.
    Projects based local area.
  • WHO: Notts County Football Club

    WHAT FOR: 
    Sports coaching in school.
    Extra curricular activities.
  • WHO: Sneinton Health Centre

    WHAT FOR: 
    School links to health.
    School nurse/ Paediatrician/ Speech and Language therapist.

  • WHO: Spiral (bereavement support)

    WHAT FOR: Bereavement support and individual therapy sessions.
  • WHO: Think Children

    WHAT FOR: Emotional support professional services.
  • WHO: St Stephens Church – Meadows / St Christopher's Church / St Mary's Church

    WHAT FOR: 
    Enrichment – RE visits, Christmas services.
    Leading collective workshops.
  • WHO: Nottingham Evening Post

    WHAT FOR: 
    Helping us celebrate our successes.

  • WHO: Highbank Primary

    WHAT FOR: 
    BereavementSchool to school support.
    National leader work.
    CPD with core and senior leaders.
    Professional partners.
    INSET and staff training.
  • WHO: NCSL – trained MLDP, ITP and OTP Facilitators

    WHAT FOR: 
    Emotional Running ITP and OTP programmes.
    Delivering CPD internal and external.
    CPD leadership opportunities.
  • WHO: NLE / NSS other work

    WHAT FOR: 
    Hosting visitors – national and international.
    Providing Inset training for schools.
    Training staff.
    CPD opportunities.
    Presenting to Headteachers conferences.
    NPQH placements.
    Professional partner work – mentoring / coaching.