on Wednesday, 22 February 2017.

F1 Spring Term Newsletter

Sneinton C of E Primary School

Dear Parents/Carers,

It has been a busy start to the term, the children who were with us before Christmas have quickly settled back in and started their project work. I would also like to welcome all the new children and parents who are joining us this term. We know it can be a big change starting school and we will work with you to make your child’s transition as smooth as possible. Please do not hesitate to speak with us if we can support you and your child in any way.

                        Our timetable includes taught maths and phonics each session, project based activities, talk for writing sessions and other small group activities. We also have a big emphasis supporting the children learning through play and will play alongside them in areas of their choice to extend their learning and develop their social skills.We have PE on a Wednesday and although we are not currently getting changed, the children will be required to take off their shoes and socks. It would be a huge help if you could support your child and give them the chance to do their shoes and socks at home by themselves. If children wear tights to school on a Wednesday they will need to take them off for PE, so you may prefer them to wear socks instead which are much easier to get on and off!

Smiley SharkShark in the park

Our project work is centred on the children’s interests and the children were keen to learn about animals, in particular sharks. We started the term reading the story Smiley Shark by Ruth Galloway. This has been a great story to help our new children settle as there is lots of discussion about feelings and making friends. We will also be studying the book Shark in the Park by Michael Rosen. This will be our talk for writing book and we will be learning to retell the story and use a story map. Other project activities based around the story will be developed around the children’s interests and may include making our own telescopes and going on a shark hunt around the school grounds.


On a Thursday afternoon we have our Rhyme, Rattle and Reward session. We give out our star of the week certificates and sing a selection of nursery rhymes. I would like to invite you all to attend this session and join us for 15 minutes of singing and celebration. I will let you know if your child is receiving an award in advance, it would be great to see as many of you as possible each week!


The structure of the day for the F1 children is as follows

8.45 – 9.00 Welcoming parents and children

9.00 – 9.25 Register and maths on the carpet in groups

9.25-10.45 Free flow where the children can choose to be inside or out and targeted activities where children work with an adult individually, in pairs or in small groups

10.45 -11.00 Phonics in groups

11- 11.15 Project / Talk for writing session

11.15 – 11.45 Lunch club outdoor play

11.45-12.15 Lunch in the hall

12.15-12.45 Lunch club indoor session

12.45-1.15 Register, maths and indoor play

1.15-2.50 Free flow where the children can choose to be inside or out and targeted activities where children work with an adult individually, in pairs or in small groups

2.50-3.00 Phonics in groups

3.00-3.10 Whole class story or singing & reflection time

Other activities:

P.E - Children have P.E on Wednesday. Please ensure your child has their P.E kit in school on a Wednesday.

Thursday 2.50 - Rhyme Rattle and Reward. Parents are invited to attend.

OUTDOOR PLAY - Every day the children can choose to go outside for 75 minutes in each session. Please make sure that your child has a suitable coat because we go out in all weathers including the rain! Please bring wellington boots on wet days.

I hope that this helps to explain what is happening in the Foundation unit with the Foundation 1 children.

Please read the school newsletter for weekly events and read the parents’ board and ask the staff if you have any queries.

                       Yours sincerely,

                        Miss. J. Curtis (F1 teacher)